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  that is me as a child
that is me

House Construction in Laos

Have a look at our house construction in Laos.


Our Garden in Laos

To see more pictures of our garden in Vientiane, Laos, click here.


My Family and Friends

Some pictures of my family.

Party with friends in May 2003


My Wedding

Some pictures of my wedding in Laos and Hinwil.


Our Lao Homepage

Our Homepage about LAOS provides various information, books on Laos, links to Laos, picture gallery, and more.


My favorite radio station

I love to listen to Radio Swiss Pop. It only plays great music, no talking, no ads.
Now you can listen on the Internet too! The detailed radio program is available online so you can always see what you are listening to, and what songs will come next.


Our 2002 Holidays in California, Utah, ...

Unfortunately, we did not find the time yet to add our photo album about our USA trip to the Internet yet.


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