Welcome to our Garden in Laos


Our family has a beautiful garden not far from the City center of Vientiane. It is a big piece of land with several ponds where we grow fish.
The mother operates a fine and special Lao restaurant in the garden - the Nong Duang Restaurant. The tables are spread around the ponds. Each table is in a bamboo hut - quite romantic!


House Construction
We are building a new, big house in our garden.
Have a look at our pictures from the house contruction. The pictures are updated regularly.


Have a look at the buildings and where we live. Pictures from the time before the house construction started.


Nong Duang Restaurant
Nong Duang Food Garden signHave a look at mother's fine Lao restaurant in our garden. The specialities are fish meals. The tables are in the garden under nice huts near our fish ponds.


Plants in our Garden
Have a look at all the nice plants in our garden.


Our Dream House
Our dream house for the future in the garden - you can call it a villa!


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